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All I could do, he said, was to pay him a lot of money and have my son undergo a two hour procedure that required full sedation and would come with lots of potential side effects. After researching the health issue intensely I decided to not believe in the fear-based approach of the dentist but commit myself to healing my son’s teeth through a remineralizing diet and improved dental hygiene. Within one year my son’s teeth were healed, strong and beautiful! 


Recently I experienced the healing power of food again through another health challenge. This time it was my body I had to treat. One morning I woke up with my right hand extremely inflamed and unable to move for no apparent reason. Within weeks the inflammation spread into my feet, my shoulders, my neck and left arm. I was in immense pain and was unable to walk, or use my right hand without the constant use of pain killers. A rheumatologist diagnosed me with rheumatoid arthritis and told me I would never be able to walk, run and live a normal life again if I don't take steroids and cortisone daily and undergo weekly injections of heavy additional drugs for the rest of my life. After trying that approach for a week I decided against fear-based treatment once again. I committed to healing myself from inflammation that crippled my body through an anti-inflammatory diet. Today I am writing these lines to you pain free and filled with happiness. I can dance, run, jump,hop,... again and you don't know how thankful I am for that!


In the process of healing I became very knowledgeable in the anti-inflammatory diet and developed delicious meals that nourish the body deeply. I learned that many experts belief that a prolonged state of inflammation of the body is the underlying cause for many modern world diseases and is closely linked to the survival rate of cancer patients. SOURCE: McMillan DC, et al: Measurement of the systemic inflammatory response predicts cancer-specific and non-cancer survival in patients with cancer. Nutr Cancer, 2001;41(1-2):64-9 

Creating a low inflammation status in the body is highly beneficial if you want to live a high quality life, keep healthy or bring health back into your life. Reversing inflammation in the body through food assists the healing of any health challenge immensely. I can help you learn how to reach that goal.


My life journey so far has provided me with immense insight in how to heal the body that is doomed by the western medicine world as incurably sick and labeled with a lifelong disease. I am here to serve you so that you can find and keep health, vitality, hope and live your life to your fullest potential.

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