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Praise and Testimonials



"Dear Irina,

I just finished the meal which you created.  This is the first time since I ate food in Vietnam that tasted like it is filled with light.


Marvelous.  Thank you"


Angela Valente, Santa Barbara, CA



"Everything we order from Irina is delicious and nutritious. It's nice to know that the person making our meals cares about ingredients, preperation and intention"


Brandon Cox,  CorePower Yoga California Central Coast Regional Owner/Director, Santa Barbara, CA


"Irina has been a huge support for me, both practically and emotionally, in my quest for better health. She understands how challenging it can be to make significant changes to one’s way of eating—because she’s done it herself—and her results are inspirational. Irina makes it easy to stay on track and keep yourself healthy. Her meals are delicious, nutrient-dense, and anti-inflammatory. I couldn’t have stuck to my protocol without her." 


Randi Miller, Montecito, CA








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